Ron Dunn

Ron Dunn - His life and mission

Are you going through one of life's valleys?

Learn how the grace of God impacted the life and ministry of Ron Dunn.

  • Richard Bewes

    O. B. E., Former Rector Of All Souls Church; Langham Place, London, England

    Here is a page-turner of a book about one of the most effective preachers the world has ever been given. Expect your own worldview to become credibly rounded off as you read Ron Owen's account of an utterly loved preacher whom the apostle Paul would have called "a messenger of the church and the glory of Christ."

  • John Blanchard

    Preacher, Apologist, and Author; Banstead, Surrey, England

    When I shared Bible conferences with Ron Dunn, I used to think that he was so profrossional--smooth, competent, and effective. That view mellowed as I got to know him, and I came to realize that the secret of his ministry was that he was real. This book confirms that. It reveals in challenging detail the person behind the preacher, and I predict that it will be a means of great blessing to countless readers.

  • Michael Catt

    Senior Pastor; Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia

    When I read Manley Beasley's biography by Ron Owens, I knew who needed to write Ron's story. Kaye and I talked and agreed. This book is a treasure. It will give you insights into one of the greatest expositors of the twentieth century, a man with a dry wit and a great love for God.

  • Tom Elliff

    President, International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

    This book, like others penned by Ron Owens, is written out of years of friendship and ministry, sharing hard times as well as good. Ron Owens has a rare capacity that few possess--the ability to tap the heart of his subject and somehow let his life flow from pen to paper. You will find the portrait painted in this book to be an amazingly accurate rendering of my friend and our prophet, Ron Dunn.